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"Want to get involved and volunteer some help to the campaign complete the form below, and tick which areas of help you can offer thanks in advance"


Tell us how you’d like to get involved, a member of our team will get in touch soon. Any help and support in our campaign will be appreciated.  Tick what types of help you can offer!

1. Pledge to sign nomination papers for your constituency candidate. They will need the signatures of 10 constituency residents who are on the electoral roll as soon as the election is called.

2. Display a window poster or have a house board up outside your home.

3. Online promotion - Help spread the word and share online promotional posts to help encourage others to support and pledge their support.

4. Deliver leaflets for your local candidate. They will be very very grateful for your support.

5. Door Knocking - The most valuable activity you can volunteer for. Talking to people is critical to our success and the more good people we have knocking on doors for us, the better.

6. Help out with a Street stall/Event with handing out leaflets speaking and encouraging the support. Potentially help with logistics if the event.

7. Encourage/Arrange local press/media and radio promotion of the Candidate.

8. Photography and Videos are important as this helps promote the candidate in the daily progress and promotion of the weeks/months leading up to an election.

Thanks for submitting!

"I am standing as an Independent Candidate, but I need the continued support of the Residents/Constituents as The Isle-Of-Thanet is my home, but also the place I work and where I was born, I really love our community spirit, whereby everyone is friendly and the people come together for local events.


I have links with the entire Isle of Thanet, including Sandwich, and wider area of Herne Bay, and even Canterbury through various reasons, so I know the area well. Here we are extremly lucky to have so much in and around the area.

I am truly passionate about local matters, and local people"

"Supporting can be as easy as sharing a social media post, liking our posts online, or encouraging others to, or it could be more helpful, whilst I am out and about canvasing, or whilst at events, and meetings, I really do appreciate the support."


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