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Zoom Platform using your: Mobile Smartphone App, Laptop, or Computer App or Browser. 


Normal Mobile/Landline Telephone Voice Calls.



Based in Margate, Kent, England, UK



For over 20 years, Paul has attempted to secure all socials and branding everything online, so regardless of the platform, how much it's used, all socials have been acquired so there is no chance of others gaining Pauls username: @MrPaulHolton

Popular Socials including Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Linkedin and Snapchat as well as Spotify can all be found on this website at the bottom of the pages, other socials not commonly known by Paul's audience are pages including YouNowYouTube / Vimeo / TikTok / Soundcloud / Myspace / Reverbnation / Pressparty / Tumblr / Flickr and from time to time new apps, platforms will appear, so where possible Paul will sign up to those.

All Profile Photos and Banners are similar or identical across all socials.

"If in doubt visit this official website or contact us"

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