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For far too long, we have got deeply into the blame game culture, with many, councillors, and politicians, simply blaming other people or each other, too often, especially with the main two political parties, they spend more time, blaming the other side, than looking at the bigger picture.

I'm sure we are all fed up, with the untruths, misinformation, and priorities, not being considered. I am responsible for my actions, and I will continue how I always have, my integrity is worth more than money, or fame, I am standing, to serve the loved community of East Thanet, and the wider Community of Thanet as a whole.


One person cannot change the world,
But, a person can stand up, and try their very best, to implement change. As well as the priorities of the local residents/constituents, I will also endeavour to undertake and champion the development and causes important to me, as well as the residents I represent, including the following:


The above priorities are ones, I care about, and I will continue to do my very best in serving the community.
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