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News Blog Article by: Mr. Paul Holton

After careful consideration and thought, and after a few sleepless nights, I made the decision to stand as an Independent Candidate for the East Thanet Constituency Seat, after receiving some 24 pledges of signatures for my nomination papers within two constituencies after speaking with people to show an interest in standing.

Standing as an Independent wasn’t an easy decision, but I stood last year in the council local elections and got far more votes than I thought, so hopefully more will vote in the General Election. As an Independent I don’t have any Party whip or hierarchy tell me if I can stand or not, where I can stand, or on what Motions to vote for. For me, I was born here, my children were born here, I live and currently work here. I have not been drafted (parachuted) in. Thanet is such an amazing place and I hope the public will know how much I want to serve them and do all I can to work tirelessly for them to promote the area, help bring in support and more importantly encourage something better for us all.

For nearly four years now, I have researched, learnt and studied many aspects of both Local and National Government, and to make a change we need firm but fair, we need honesty and transparency, but more than that we need someone will get stuck in and stand up for their community, with Thanet seeming to have more roadworks and potholes than ever and our seas and rivers being swamped with sewage, and mass overpriced un-affordable developments for many, as a country we are at breaking point and frustrations are becoming more apparent.

But as locals, we do sometimes take the area and what we have locally for granted, and it's only when it is taken away we miss it, whether Manston or Margates Theatre Royal and Margate Wintergardens or Ferries from Ramsgate Port. All of which would be fully supported by myself.


Independent Candidate: Paul Holton

Photo by: Alan Green on Location in Margate

Not only was I born in Margate, but spent a long time throughout my life living in the seaside town, and I've known the differences over the years, some better but some worse. I'm proud of the area and spent considerable time in the old Drill hall as both an Army Cadet and Civilian Instructor with the Air Cadets.


Independent Candidate: Paul Holton

Photo by: Alan Green on Location in Broadstairs

Broadstairs has such a good place in my heart as over the years I have done events at Broadstairs Pavillion and both Folk Week and water gala, but also as a kid remember my late mother taking me to Bleak House, and the Palace Cinema. The town is also where I enjoyed live music and Broadstairs carnivals.


Independent Candidate: Paul Holton

Photo by: Alan Green on Location in Ramsgate

Ramsgate is something special in the Area not only because of its Royal Inner and Outer Harbours, and the many amazing yachts but also because remember fondly the old Sally Line (Star and Sky) ferries to France, with one even having a pianist onboard, something which would be very much welcomed again. Not to mention many events, and of course, shows at the Granville Theatre.

I am standing as a potential Member of Parliament (MP) for two main reasons: one is for the people in my constituency, and the second is for me. The frustrations with our government are at boiling point. I am fed up with the blame game culture, with the government spending billions and wasting billions of our money—our taxes—then expecting us to pay more. So much needs to be done; it's unreal!

The Isle-of-Thanet has so much to offer both residents, businesses, tourists, and visitors, right across the isle, with some amazing beaches, water sports, cinemas, theatres, and bingo. More than that, we have history from artists like Turner, and novelist Charles Dickens, but also places of interest like Margate Caves, Tudor House, Turner Gallery, Shell Grotto, Kingsgate Castle, Lighthouses, Bleak House and home of Dickens, Ramsgate Tunnels, Royal Theatres and Ports, to Golf Courses. To top it all, we have some of the best events going from Folk Week, Gigs/Concerts, and Festivals and also we have the oldest Rollercoaster at Theme Park Dreamland… plus so much more. But East Thanet is about its people, and I am so proud to have been born and raised right here!


Full news articles can be found on Local Press and Media pages which can be found here:


East Thanet Boundary Commission Map

East Thanet Constituency covers wards including:

Beacon Road, Bradstowe, Central Harbour, Cliffsend and Pegwell, Cliftonville East, Cliftonville West, Dane Valley, Eastcliff, Kingsgate, Margate Central, Nethercourt, Newington, Northwood, St. Peters, Salmestone, Sir Moses Montefiore, Viking.



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Mr. Paul Holton

Independent Candidate for MP (Member of Parliament)

East Thanet Constituency

All Socials: @MrPaulHolton



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