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Hello there, and welcome to the website of Mr. Paul Holton, (that's me), I've done a lot in my lifetime, so this page, will attempt to capture who I am, but for those who know me, I don't do anything lightly, and things I have done, I have always done, the very best!.


I was born in Margate Hospital, whilst living in Birchington, Kent, so Margate is technically my hometown, but Birchington is very much a place I call home. Over the years I have lived within the isle-of-Thanet, but also traveled across the UK, and Ireland, through Youth work, or Music Management/Photography.


My family background involves my late father being a ballroom dancer and military man along with a security background, while my late mother worked in a children's home. My mother was also a singer and dancer. From a young age, I was involved in local social clubs, dancing, and community life, which sparked my long-term interest in music, bands, and touring.


At around the age of 10, I accompanied my late parents to the local social clubs, and pubs, which started my passion for live music, of which I later started attending gigs, taking photographs, and even touring with musical friends. later around 13/14 I joined the Army Cadet Force in Birchington and upon leaving around 18, I later joined another group, before then joining the Royal Air Force Air Cadets in Margate as a Civilian Instructor, where I held leadership roles and handled office administration, and teaching and training other cadets, and cadets, as well as helping to organise weekends and camps.


Later I eventually became involved in media and communications, managing websites, social media, press, and public relations. Through his involvement in music, cadets, and local events, I became a professional photographer. My photography work led to roles as a music manager, talent and music manager, music promoter, and tour photographer, working with well-known figures in music, sports, TV, film, and entertainment, including some of my heroes and idols. I have also managed my own artists and bands.


In addition to my work in the creative and entertainment industry, I have experience running offices for cadet groups and artist/band management, as well as working in Thanet Student Services and Resources Departments at College. I have served as the Membership secretary of the local Royal British Legion and have been involved in street and charity collections. I am familiar with office work, charity activities, and committee meetings.


I am a very proud father of three boys, one of whom is in university, one in the British Army, and the other in their first year of college. I emphasises the importance of family, a strong education system, and meaningful work in my life.


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Over the years, I have dedicated my time between family, work, and hobbies and interests, but with a strong work ethic, contentment to service, and being active in helping and developing others, with combined skills, and knowledge base I have learned and acquired. I am determined to do my very best, for my local community, friends, and family. 
 For more photos please feel free to visit the gallery pages of this website.
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