Development, Bookings, PR, Networking, Endorsements, Sponsorship, Studio, Music Release

Website, Social Media, Artwork, Style, Autograph Cards, Promotional Displays, Posters

Press, Magazines, Celeb Events, Guest Tickets, Building Fanbase

Radio, TV, Headline  & Support Shows, Touring

Taking a Content Creator, Singer, Band or Established Celebrity, and building their fan base, developing their craft or talent, and progressing them.


Managing an Artist/Act is a full time commitment and as an exclusive personal manager it is my job to direct, plan and implement a career path, as well as utilizing my varied skills, of Website, Social Media, Photography and Touring, plus a lifetime of experience, as a manager it involves a huge amount of trust and mutual respect.


Working both at home, on the road, and at events, a manager is the first point of call, the person responsible and ultimately in charge of everyday business moves, working with teens, and their fan bases, is challenging but also rewarding.


Taking an Artist/Act I would implement: Full Branding, Social Media and Website, including New Images and Promotional Autograph Cards, Posters, and Online Promo Tools, working direct with an Artist/Act together to Develop them and their career.



No one makes it in the industry on their own without help, whether having a Manager, Collabing with other Artists, Acts, or Influencers, but with so many talented people trying to all do the same thing and break into an industry at the same time, we need that edge.


With us building a strong team, and utilizing a lot of skills, to Manage, Develop and Implement an Online and Offline Presence to Engage Fans and Supporters, and Connect with Industry People, and Events.

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