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Gigs, Festivals, Tours and Music, for Featured Artists/Bands, I've come to know, and work with, and to whom music I enjoy.

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I first met HRVY, on a Tour I was working on, spending 6 days on the road, with him, and a bunch of artists/bands travelling the UK, and since then, I've captured photos, at events, live concerts, and attending, Gigs, Concerts, Festivals and Tour Dates, seeing him grow as an Artist over the years, from BBC TV, to Arenas, Festivals, and TV, has been an incredible journey, the lad is genuingly nice, and down to earth and appreciates the support.

TheVamps (1)_edited.jpg


I became friends on Facebook, with Connor, before he joined the band, so knew of him first, but once the band formed, I first met them at a Festival, and since then I have supported them, at every opportunity, getting to know their management, and other bands their management look after, their music, is fresh, they put on awesome live shows, and appreciate their fan base, all genuine lads, and as a music lover, I enjoy the music.



Working with Olly is always fun, the lads, just a genuine guy, to whom has worked hard, from Charity Concerts, to Tour Dates, to a few Soccer Six events.

Seeing him grow as an artist, and esspecially seeing him mentor others others on The Voice, is so cool.



From working with the band from the start, keeping in touch, during their break, and encouraging, and hoping for their return, Andy and the Lads, produce great music, and are amazing LIVE, all four lads are down to earth, and its always a pleasure seeing them.



When a boyband, has been in the business for over 60 years as part of a musical family, its a pleasure and privelage to get the opportunity to work with them, I can honestly say, the respect I had for Jay, Merrill and Jimmy was imense, getting to know them, hear their stories, and working on 3x Shows with them, learning from their experience, taught me alot.

Always great seeing @dannyjonesmcfly absolute pleasure young man, glad you remembered me,


From working at Festivals, to bumping into the lads, at Concerts, I've always enjoyed the bands music, LIVE performances, and its always a pleasure, working with bands, has always been a pleasure.

For more Artists/Bands I have worked with Check out my Spotify & YouTube Music Playlists, or just visit my Selfies Page, although over the years, I've taken some images, there was so many more I didn't and regret taking.


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"A love of music and touring"


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