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Updated: Dec 8, 2023

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News Blog Article by: Mr. Paul Holton

I've toured the UK, and been privileged to have worked in some incredible venues, but for me, there is something just magical about a Theatre, and the vibe, and feeling you get, whether nostalgia, grandeur, or just knowing the history of who has performed there. I've been lucky to know my Local Theatre Royal Margate, as well as Theatres such as the London Palladium, Orchard Theatre Dartford, and many more, but, there is something special about your local Theatre.

As many locals to the Isle-of-Thanet, know, the much loved and adored Theatre Royal Margate, has not always had an easy time, and of late, has seen the need of some tender loving care, and some upgrades.

But, with Thanet District Council, and Public pressure mounting, it looks more like this wonderful venue, may finally see some light, love, music, and laughter once more.

At the previously mentioned Thanet District Council-organised, Public Engagement Meeting held at the Theatre, earlier this evening Thursday 7th December 2023, members of the Public, were able to once again enter the doors, and see the Potential Plans for the Re-generation of this much-loved venue.

These plans are fully available on the Council website, or by clicking here to view them.

For years now, many have known, what's needed, but I am very optimistic, and more content in knowing the plans and addressing some of my issues, and thoughts. I am glad more emphasis has been taken on board to include the adjacent property behind the theatre, and incorporating it brings more benefits than previously thought.

I am very excited to know, that there are provisions and thought processes, happening to make life easier, and more appealing to touring crews, and touring productions, giving more space, offices, and sleeping accommodations. By also joining both buildings, give better backstage space, and would hopefully include better access to the Internet, possibly live-streaming shows, by forward-thinking, the Operators, Owners, and Promoters and Touring Shows, acknowledge the heritage of the venue, as well as modern technologies, and future ways to build of traditions.

I feel much more relieved and feel, if the relevant funding is found and made available, and a good quality venue operator is acquired, that takes on board local people, who love this venue and care about its upkeep, longevity, and future.

The Theatre Royal Margate is more than just a Theatre, more than a venue, and although the owners are currently the owners, in all honesty, an owner of such a property like, this, is more of a Custodian, a Caretaker, who up keeps, and keeps this venue alive and well, for future owners, operators, and community to enjoy, love and respect, for generations to come!



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Mr. Paul Holton

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