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News Post


Brand New Single released under Holton Records

The Fourth Officially released music by our first Label Signing Finney, is his Lady Single the Original Track by Finney.

Introducing Finney a singer, songwriter, and musician. Born and raised in Stoke and Trent, performing live using a loop pedal, piano, drum pad, and various guitar pedals to create the sound of a full band. The rising lad has over four years of commercial experience from pubs, clubs, weddings, and corporate events, and is now looking forward to using his experience, to create music, and tour the UK, performing his music.

Finney has released his own original music including his debut EP "White Butterfly" featuring tracks; Car Light, Saw You Smile, every time I Wake, and White Butterfly the main track, as well as releasing the upbeat single "Running", and "That's Okay With Me" more recently, releasing this track "Lady". All Finney's music releases are available to stream and purchase on all music platforms; Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music, and Holton Records Website.

Finney is signed to Holton Records - Independent Record Label and is Directly Managed by the Label's owner Paul Holton.


Signed to "Holton Records", under Label/Management Contract/Agreement with:

Mr. Paul Holton

To listen to the music - Click Here


Check out the Website:

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Mr. Paul Holton