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News Post



Global Livestream

Over 120 thousand tickets sold (potentially over 300 thousand people watching), and from 150 countries and islands from a global audience, have tuned into the 1st LIVE Stream from the Royal Albert Hall in London, by Nial Horan, in a heartwarming and emotional tribute Nial mentioned the "Engine Room" of the Music Industry all the CREW to whom have been made jobless, with limited or no funding by governments, Nial also mentioned he wished everyone was there and felt nervous, he said he felt more comfortable singing to a packed room, Nial wanted to do a gig to show off his new album, but wanted to help the crews!

Before his last song, Nial once again thanked his band by name, introducing them, and went on to give an insight to the many crews around the world, who have had a difficult financial time, mentioning the value of the music industry during 2019, whereby billions of pounds went into the economy, whilst during the pandemic, governments have not sufficiently helped.

Nial thanked all the crew, Royal Albert Hall, and encourage more artists to put shows like this one, and raise funds for the crews.

It's been a great show by a humble artist thinking of his crew, and crews around the world! Nial is a brilliant songwriter, and such a down to earth guy, It's been an absolute pleasure to watch, and personally, I'd like to thank him, his band, special guest, crew, management, technical crew, along with the Iconic Royal Albert Hall and ticket company for putting on these Livestream Shows!!!! Only 30 people in the building.

Music is the backbone, of us all, it's something we all need, and something we are all missing so much, but the music industry has been let down by governments to which we won't forget easy!

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Thanks for taking the time to read this personal update about something I believe is interesting and would be useful to promote, it's always appreciated.


Mr. Paul Holton