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News Post


We are facing unprecedented and uncertain times, within many businesses throughout the UK, and our world, but, as someone who knows, since I was 10 years old, going to the local social club, every week, dancing, and enjoying a LIVE Band, I literally grew up every week being influenced by music, from Rock, Pop, Indie, Country, Jazz, and Blues. 34 years ago I would never imagine how far I've come with music, being able to work with some of the biggest festivals, tours, concerts, gigs, and many artists and their crews.

But with our country in the midst of a global pandemic, and with winter approaching fast, what many thought would be over and done, with it looks now that we won't be back properly anytime soon, with many people including artists, managers, promoters, and industry, trying their best to adapt, cope, and make a living, its only natural that we want to start things, book in gigs, and put tickets on sale, but, to be honest, there is no point considering LIVE shows, at the moment, unless their outdoors, and with restrictions.

Life as we have known and taken for granted for so long, cannot continue in the same way, and we all must accept a new normal, and try our best to adapt, unfortunately, it's not what anyone wants, but at the end of the day, we have a responsibility to both ourselves and others.

I've not been to a gig since March, 6x Months later, after changing lifestyles, work practices, looks like the British public are so divided on the issue of a global pandemic, and although our government is doing things (right or wrong). The music and entertainment industry and its valuable contributors including singers, musicians, and crews, including venue and touring, are struggling, and with some venues empty and making no income, they face permanent closure and being unable to do live music or entertainment for the best part of this year and next.

I'm starting to lose faith not just in our government but also us in general, yes it's hard, no way easy, unprecedented, a first in my lifetime, but back in March I sat my family, elderly mother, and kids down, and basically said this is how it is probably for the whole of 2020, maybe into 2021, started ordering essentials for home, work, etc, and although it's not reasonable to think and no one wants it, I'd rather change for potentially 2x years, and put up with things I don't want to do, or have to be extra safe, with a new form of normal, out of my entire life than risk myself, family or people I care about.

So to everyone, I say this: "Do what you think is ok for you and your family, and I'll do the same". "Think and believe what you chose to believe, and I'll do the same". BUT Regardless of right or wrong, I hope in the next year or so, we are both Healthy and Happy with our Decisions.

A global virus is NOT SPREAD, by how a government acts or reacts, or how people react to it on social media or in the news, a VIRUS IS SPREAD BY PEOPLE, and regardless of age, health conditions.


When I leave my home, I remember to take:


I wear a mask to protect you, but will you wear one to protect me and others?

Our entertainment and music industry is so important, and most people working in our industry in whichever role, have spent a lifetime of hard work, dedication and unless we want to see empty venues, equipment laying around on shelves, and people sat worrying and doing nothing, everyone has to consider the future.

Music will survive and flourish, but for now adapt, overcome, and think outside the box in ways to continue.

Remember regardless of how our government or other people act and react to this virus it's up to every individual to do their part in preventing the virus from ruining our future normality!


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Thanks for taking the time to read this personal update about something I believe is interesting and would be useful to promote, it's always appreciated.


Mr. Paul Holton