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Finney performed over the weekend at our second Festival.

Performing on the main stage, to a sold-out festival, the lads went down like a treat and performed a full set of original music.

Finney (Lead Singer, Guitarist) who has been under management, and label deal with me, and now, with a full band accompanying him, with band members including new addition Wil (Piano), and original members Tommy (Bass Guitar), and Connor (Drums), their established line up, is fantastic.

The band is available for LIVE performances throughout the UK, at gigs, concerts, festivals, and tours, as a support band, and as the headline act, the lads are in the recording studio already, working on new music.

On behalf of the band, and myself we would all like to thank the Festival Crews, and Promoter, for having the band perform and for looking after them, thanks to everyone who came along to support us, and we hope you enjoyed their performance.

For more information on the band visit:

Photos were taken by: Darci Jackson

Who was working on behalf of Myself and the Band.



Thanks for taking the time to read this personal update about something I believe is interesting and would be useful to promote, it's always appreciated.


Mr. Paul Holton


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